United States
United States Air Force generalís cap
This is the service cap of retired Brigadier General Philip Tukey. General Tukey started his career during WWII where he flew P-47 Thunderbolts. As the youngest colonel in the European Theater, he was commanding officer of the 356 Fighter Group based at Martlesham Heath (there's now a museum in the old Operations Tower). After the war, he became commanding officer of the 101 Air Wing of the Maine National Guard at Dow Air Force Base. Throughout his long career, he repeatedly turned down promotions because he explains, ďAnything higher than a brigadier and they wouldnít let me fly jets anymore.Ē Many thanks for the terrific cap!

Note: I was sad to learn that General Tukey passed away in 2001.

And many thanks to the General's daughter, Linda, for providing updated historical information.

Colonel Tukey during WWII. Note the jaunty crusher cap.