Here’s a collection of articles and interesting information I thought would be useful to other hat collectors. If you have any ideas for other topics you’d like to see covered here in the future, or want to contribute articles of your own, please feel free to drop me a line.
Glossary of words, abbreviations, and hat-collector slang
Need to know what someone means when they say a hat has "quarterwelts"? Or a "Montana peak" is? Or who Peter Küpper was? Over 180 words, abbreviations, and slang expressions are explained, plus background information on many important hat manufacturers.
Collector’s guide to modern British headgear
Not only is British headgear colorful and collectable, the tremendous variation can also make things terribly confusing. For example, do you know how to spot the difference between an officer’s and an enlisted man’s cap? Well, here’s a practical guide that will help you keep your collecting on track.
Collector’s guide to Soviet headgear
Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, Communist-era caps started to turn up regularly at flea markets from Tashkent to Topeka. Have you paid a fortune for a cap you thought was rare, only to find out later that it’s common as dirt? Here’s your chance to become an instant expert!
Comparison of worldwide military ranks
Ever wonder what a navy Lieutenant Commander was called in the Kriegsmarine? Or how modern Belgian Air Force ranks equate with those of the Kuwaiti Army? Now you can compare officer’s ranks for over 50 different organizations, past and present, at the touch of a button.
International hat sizes
Want to make sure that hat you saw on eBay will fit? Here’s an accurate chart that compares Metric, American, British, and French sizes.

Restoring a hat
I’m sure everyone has their own favorite techniques for fixing up caps that have seen better days. Here are some of my own "tricks of the trade."
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Collector’s guide to RZM numbers
If you’re a serious collector of WWII German headgear, you’ve probably come across RZM numbers on insignia and hats. This key to A1 and M1 RZM codes might just help you discover who made your hat or badge.
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Guide to German Waffenfarbe
Waffenfarbe was the German Army’s color code to designate specialist affiliation. Although the color names are listed in many books, here’s your chance to see the actual shades—or at least close approximations. An Internet first from Rick’s Hat Check Room!
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Guide to Canadian specialist badges
In 1974, the Canadian Army introduced fine enamelled badges for the various service specialties. If you have one you need to identify, you’ll find pictures of them all right here.

Guide to worldwide cockade colors
Those little bulls-eyes on military and police caps often hold the key to the country of origin. If you have a cap with a cockade, this list could help you make the correct identification. There’s even a complete description of all the German state cockades from World War One!
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