Danish graduation cap
Many European countries have something called “gymnasium,” which has nothing to do with sports. A gymnasium is like an American high school with three years of language, history, math and science courses for those kids who chose not to enter a vocational training program at age 16. Upon passing the last of their exams—usually a private oral exam—each pupil is presented with a “Studenterhue” or “student cap” as proof of matriculation. Graduating from gymnasium is a big deal in Europe and a lot tougher that getting through an American high school. For example, most Danish graduates can also speak reasonable English, French, and German. At any rate, each June, the Danish “studenter” can be seen cavorting in the streets, and generally raising hell. Graduation parties—there are new ones each night—continue until the dawn, at which time, the student is entitled to cut a notch in the sweatband. However, if the student gets drunk and throws up, a notch is cut in the brim for all to see. The fellow who owned this one must have been pretty dull—there are no notches at all—inside or out! Tradition has it that all the members of the class sign the inside of the cap.